What’s the News on Top Smartphones?

Smartphones, in 2009, was predicted by a number of computer and mobile phone experts that these would grow by a whopping 32% every year from 2010 to 2014. It appears to be happening as predicted and at this rate, by 2014, a quarter of all mobile phone users will own at least one.

Even today, you can already see the trend that promises to be the top Smartphones for the next couple of years. This is possible by looking at which features are being sought in a mobile phone.

Most smartphone users are turning out to be private residential owners, and not really businessmen. Obviously, the features are geared towards tempting leisure activities like PDA or personal digital assistant. Which allows for document editing, touch screen, wireless connectivity, GPA, music download with play list editing, and the ability to synchronize data and information with your computer. It is almost like a computer, mini version with phone capabilities.

At present, users of top smart phones are about 70% satisfied with their purchase, and this figure is expected to grow with new applications and features being added almost on a monthly basis. One issue that will have to be addressed is improving battery life and function especially with new applications flooding in. vivo v17 pro

Other functions that will see marked improvement over the next couple of years or less would be operations and choice of operating system and design. Of these, the operating system or platform is what is getting the most attention. If an open system is used, it opens a whole new window of opportunity for software developers who are eagerly waiting in the wings.They are waiting to launch their creations specifically for the top smartphones.

In fact, you can expect the market to start getting a little crowded because clearly smart phones is the expected new wave for the next 5 years. As such, in a scenario like this, competition can only benefit consumers. Already, we are seeing a drop in retail price with no compromises which is great for consumers.

This would also imply that there will be scrambling for top position with new players expected to join the fray. It should be exciting to watch what unfolds. As well as what these mobile phone companies are going to come up with in order to tempt us to part with our existing phones and buy the newest and greatest smartphone on the market.



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